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Traffic Violations in School Zones

Speeding tickets are never fun, but there a few places where they feel a little worse. Driving in a construction zone, when no apparent work is being done, is one such occasion, and getting caught speeding in a school zone is another. Learn the facts related to speeding in a school zone in California, and how the professionals at Traffic Ticket Pros can help you.

Laws Regarding School Zones

Regardless of whether or not you see a sign, the speed limit within 500 to 1,000 feet of a school area while children are outside or crossing the street is always 25 mph unless otherwise posted. Some school grounds may have speed limits as low as 15 mph. It is a driver's responsibility to notice a school area and drive appropriately. A police officer will not give leniency if you did not see a school zone sign, as a licensed driver you are expected to be aware of the law and abide with it.

Costs of Speeding Tickets

Many people are under the impression that traffic fines are doubled in school zones. This is actually not true in the state of California. Schools zones have lower speed limits, but have the same fines as other areas. Only tickets issued in construction work zones face a double fine.

With the state of the economy and the government's need for revenue the costs of speeding tickets are higher than they used to be. Drivers must realize that the face value of the ticket does not represent the final cost. Additional fees in court and dependent on the county may be added. Further, speeding tickets cost more than a simple payment in the long run.

Speeding violations result in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) assigning points to your driving record. DMV points accumulate on your record and can result in both higher insurance premiums and potential suspension of your driving privileges. So, the fact that a school zone violation carries an equal fine is not really a cause for celebration.

Other School Zone Violations

Keep in mind that speeding is not the only possible offense in a school area. The government exercises strict control over traffic in school zones, and for good reason. A high concentration of children in an area adds particular risk, as children are not as careful about traffic safety as adults, especially when they become absorbed in play. School crosswalks are another common place for traffic violations.

Dealing with Traffic Tickets

Speeding tickets from school zones can be a sticky situation in court. Judges tend to be less lenient toward offenders in areas that put children at risk. For this reason, it can be important to retain a qualified traffic attorney to help you sort through the repercussions of your traffic citation. The professionals at Traffic Ticket Pros are some of the best traffic attorneys in California. Skilled in traffic law, these lawyers can work on your behalf to reduce the consequence of that quick trip through the local school zone.

Contact A Traffic Citation Defense Attorney

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