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Impeding Traffic

When it comes to impeding traffic violations in the state of California, hiring a traffic attorney can be helpful, save you money, and spare you the financial frustration that often results from impeding traffic violations.

A good traffic attorney will have a thorough knowledge of state traffic law and how to prepare and present a persuasive defense. Though many of the laws are the same or similar from state to state, the consequences may vary. Typical fines for impeding traffic range from $80 to $150. In California, fines tend to be higher, more in the $200 range. A traffic attorney may be able to have them lifted.

Sometimes more than just a fine is given for impeding traffic such as receiving points against the driver's license. This is a more serious consequence and can result in things like higher auto insurance costs or other issues which can quickly become a financial headache.

How A Traffic Attorney Can Help

The good news is that a traffic attorney can defend the one cited, and typically have the impeding traffic violation nullified, thus eliminating the financial consequences.

How? Well, it begins with defining what impeding traffic is. Someone is typically cited with a violation like this when it has been judged that the driver was not operating their motor vehicle in a responsible manner or was blocking the normal traffic flow. There is often plenty of room in this definition for a traffic attorney to create a reasonable defense on behalf of the one cited.

For example, many traffic laws fail to incorporate road and weather conditions into a violation definition. Let's say you received a citation for impeding traffic during inclement weather. It is often possible for a traffic attorney to build a strong defense by factoring in something like the weather conditions.

Or let's say you receive a citation for impeding traffic on a highway by supposedly driving too slow. In California you can be fined for going just one mile per hour less than the posted maximum speed, if it is deemed that your speed is disrupting the normal flow of traffic. Incidents like this are not all that surprising, and a skilled traffic attorney knows just how to effectively challenge these kinds of impeding traffic incidents in a court of law, and to win.

Why You Should Hire Us

With our attorneys at Traffic Ticket Pros, we're used to handling impeding traffic violations. Traffic violations are our specialty. And we have a 95% success rate in traffic violation cases to prove this. So when you work with a traffic attorney from our firm you will be getting someone who knows not just how to defend your case, but to win it.

We deal with a wide variety of impeding traffic cases, both similar to and different from the examples mentioned above. We serve California exclusively and have over 40 years of collective experience. Our knowledge of California law is current and extensive, and it is the goal of each traffic attorney to help our clients receive the best possible outcome in their particular impeding traffic cases.

When you work with a traffic attorney from our professional law firm, it is very likely that you will be able to walk away from any impeding traffic violation you have received without having to pay any fines or receive any driver's license infringements.

Contact A Traffic Citation Defense Attorney

Traffic laws can be highly technical and intricate, but our experienced legal team deals with them every day. Do not let a traffic ticket make your life harder. Call Traffic Ticket Pros in Encino to speak to a lawyer who will fight for your rights. Call 818-646-7336 or send us an email to arrange a free consultation today.

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